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Serving Churches

Ministry Relations

Because we recognize the direct relationship that biblically healthy American churches have to the future of missions at home and abroad, GFA has appointed Dr. Bruce McAllister to be its Director of Ministry Relations. His role will highlight these areas of responsibility: 

Church Planting and Development

Church planting is God's way of spreading the Gospel and expanding the personnel and financial base for foreign missions. Dr. McAllister will promote biblical church planting and biblical church ministry among existing USA churches. As God supplies funds, needy areas will be identified so that capable church planters can step forward. GFA will then seek to provide financial support for planting at least one US church every two years. GFA's goal is to facilitate additional church planting and greater fruitfulness through its relationships with existing GFA church plants and church planters. 

Church Staffing Assistance

Because of the looming crisis of a shortage of pastors for fundamental/Bible-centered churches, GFA will assist like-minded churches in finding pastoral staff, particularly senior pastors, and expand its interim pastor program. GFA is already engaged in church consulting through the vital ministry of Dr. Marshall Fant. 

Pastor and Church Relations

The cultivation and development of close, cordial, trusting relationships is essential to the spread of the Gospel in America and abroad. An incredibly wonderful fellowship and association exists around the truth of the Gospel. The development of relationships for the purpose of ministry partnerships with like-minded ministers takes time, effort, investment, and face-to-face communication. GFA is delighted to help make those investments happen.

Preaching, Teaching, Praying

The work of God moves forward primarily through prayer and the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4). In view of exponential world population growth, it will take the direct intervention of God through His Word and prayer to replace aging/retiring missionaries and pastors and to advance the Gospel to new areas. Dr. McAllister desires to preach in church services, young people’s meetings, men’s retreats, and conferences on the themes of dedication, surrender to full-time Christian service, and missions. Contact him at bmcallister@gfamissions.org to schedule a meeting. 

Promoting GFA Missions

Dr. McAllister will diligently pursue appropriate efforts to expand GFA’s network of fundamental/Bible-believing churches and pastors, build closer relationships with churches that support GFA missionaries, and tell the stories of what God is doing through GFA missionaries and church planters. To give to the Bruce McAllister Ministry Relations Fund, go here. Commitments for ongoing monthly support are also needed.