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Miranda Horn

Status: On the Field

Location: North America
Field: Mexico
Ministry: Medical Missions Assisting Church Planting



Miranda Horn has lived among the Náhuatl people of Central Mexico for 13 years. Miranda was born in New Zealand and raised along the Texas-Mexico border. As an active member in a large Hispanic church led by Pastor Noé Mendoza, she was commissioned to share our Lord among the largest of 56 tribes in Mexico.

In 1997 Miranda entered Octlamecayo, a Náhuatl village, to learn their language and culture and work alongside of an elderly pastor, José Cardenas, by sharing Christ with others and strengthening the body of  believers. As she immersed herself into their lives, she began ministering to the children, youth, ladies and sick. She was able to help stop the practice of sending small girls off to large cities to work and help financially support their families. She began placing a few of them among Christian families in the cities, so they could finish their educations.

Over the years several teens have given their hearts to our Lord and have gone to a Christian university in Monterrey. They have returned during the summer months to serve alongside their church family. Miranda has many people active in in-depth discipleship studies who can not leave their villages to study.

Children's camp high up in the mountains of La Hondura and a youth camp have been her summer delights. She is active in supporting the efforts and participates in the plans of a group of pastors who seek to make a difference in the Huasteca Potosina. At present they have combined efforts to help maintain a Bible School.

A highlight in her life has been seeing the Bible translated into Náhuatl and getting to learn much under the lives of the translators. The Náhuatl Bible was dedicated in 2005.

Recently Miranda and her Náhuatl co-laborers finished translating, editing and recording a radio program. They are trusting that God will reach many of their people in isolated areas and plant the seed of His Word in their hearts. Village evangelism, village medicine and ministering with music are also areas of service.

Miranda says, "seeing our Lord's interest and love for the Náhuatl is wonderful. He gives them new life in Christ. Only He can remove their fears and give them peace, remove their sadness and give them joy, take away their hopelessness and give them purpose. Only He can give them life eternal. Join us in the Náhuatl fields of harvest."

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