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Tom and Jean Zartman

Status: On the Field
Location: North America
Field: Mexico
Ministry: Church Planting



Tom and Jean Zartman have been on the mission field since 1965 and with GFA since 1986. Tom started out as a missionary in Spain for two years, learning the language and discipling various people. He then went to Uruguay for five years, working in the distribution of literature, Bible teaching, and evangelistic work. Jean began her missionary service in Iceland and was there until the end of 1972. Tom and Jean were married in Pennsylvania and went together to Uruguay in January 1973. They ministered in Rocha for five years in a work that continues fruitfully. Two sons, Joel David and Benjamin, were born to them in Rocha.

After a year of furlough during which Juliana was born, they went to Colombia, South America, and lived and worked in Bucaramanga and Sogamoso. Ruben was born in Sogamoso. They worked with an established church in Bucaramanga and a newly planted church in Sogamoso.

Then followed furloughing for a year in Mentor, Ohio, joining GFA, and going to Mexico City. They worked in Mexico City for eleven years in sowing the Seed and doing church work.

From there they moved to Saltillo in the north for five years, leaving a small house church. There they also had a large children's ministry.

They have now been in Monterrey since 2004 sowing the Seed and awaiting the Lord's timing for the harvest.

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