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Ellen Doyle

Status: On the Field
Location: Africa
Field: Cameroon
Ministry: Medical Missions Assisting Church Planting



Ellen Doyle has been a medical missionary in Cameroon, West Africa, since 1998. Ellen grew up in a Catholic home and was saved in Steamboat Springs, CO, as a young adult. She went to University of Nebraska Medical Center for her Associates Degree in Nursing and finished her BSN at Bob Jones University. In 1993 she went to Armenia with Dr. & Mrs. John Dreisbach, and it was there where she got a burden to become a full-time medical missionary. In 1996, she completed her master's degree in counseling and started deputation in the fall of 1997.

Beginning in the fall of 1998, Ellen worked with Dr. Carol Loescher and Carrie Wright for 2 years near the capitol city of Yaoundé. She was able to help start a clinic at a Bible seminary. In 2000 she moved to the far north of Cameroon in the sub-Sahara desert in hopes of starting a mobile medical clinic among the nomadic people in the far north. When the government would not approve an authorization for a mobile clinic, God directed her to Foumban, Cameroon, to help Dr. Carol Loescher with the medical ministry among the Bamoun and Fulani people groups in Cameroon.

In July 2005, Tom Needham began using his missionary plane to evangelize the unreached people groups where there are no roads. Ellen and Carol Loescher had a wonderful opportunity to begin a mobile evangelistic clinic into the bush via Tom's airplane.

A couple of days trek would be a 20-30 minute flight into these bush villages. Many of those people have touched the missionaries' lives as well them touching theirs. Churches are being planted and weeklong camp ministries are being held. They pray for God's wisdom to continue this ministry.

Every summer Ellen also has been a camp nurse and counselor for Camp Joy in the Bamenda region of Cameroon. She enjoys this ministry and continues to minister in and around Foumban during other times of the year.

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