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Location: Unlisted
Field: Far East

Taiwan, an Open Door
Dates: July 05, 2021
Type of Opportunity: Career

Most Christians realize how socialism inherently restricts freedoms of all kinds, especially religious freedom. Recently, we saw the inevitable take place when Hong Kong, a long-time bastion of freedom, lost its independence and is now being absorbed into an extremely restrictive system.  

Hong Kong was just step one. Of more importance to China is Taiwan, because it is the historic symbol of resistance to Chinese Communism. China has long proclaimed that Taiwan must be "liberated." Many fear that China may move against Taiwan soon and that it will be violent. The wide-open door for the Gospel in Taiwan may soon close. 

Taiwan’s roughly 24 million people are 3.3% evangelical. But the 4.3 million Hakka Chinese are desperately unreached at 0.43% evangelical. Taiwan’s churches have a dearth of male leadership as so many trained for ministry migrate to the West to lead Chinese churches there. How much longer will Taiwan enjoy religious freedom? Pray for God to use political fears to raise up laborers for Christ's sake to prepare them for the days ahead.

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by Forrest McPhail

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