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Southeast Asia

Location: Unlisted
Field: Southeast Asia

Consider South Korea
Dates: March 11, 2022
Type of Opportunity: Career

Are you seeking the Lord’s direction about a place to serve Him? Pray about South Korea. Occupying the southern half of the Korean peninsula, South Korea is home to nearly 52 million people. Around half of the population lives in the sprawling metropolitan area of Seoul, the capital of the country. Significantly, 56.9% of South Koreans claim no religious affiliation. 19.7% identify as “Christian,” but obviously not all are evangelical. 15.5% are Buddhist and 7.9% Catholic. South Korea is a missionary sending nation, but the Church here is dominated by false teaching and cults. Truth must be proclaimed!

We serve the Lord at three GFA ministries in Seoul. Seoul Bible Church (SBC) is an international body of believers. Seoul Christian School (SCS) is an English-immersion ministry using Bob Jones University Press curriculum. Bob Jones Seminary (BJS) seeks to train Christian workers and men for ministry.

We are seeking a Korean bilingual pastor, but there is an immediate urgent need for a younger married man who could take my place as co-pastor of SBC alongside Jonathan Bright, who also serves as the principal of SCS. This man could also fill in teaching needs at BJS. In addition, SCS needs elementary teachers for the coming 2022-2023 school year.

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