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Mark and Joanne Landon

Status: On the Field
Location: Europe
Field: Scotland
Ministry: Church Planting



Mark and Joanne Landon met in Edinburgh in 1983. Joanne had been serving as a single missionary since 1980, and Mark visited on a summer team as a Bob Jones University student. In 1985, on Joanne's first furlough, they married and returned to Scotland that year.

Mark grew up in western Colorado, and was saved at the age of 20. He went on several mission teams as a college student and graduated from BJU in 1984. Joanne was born in Detroit, Michigan. One of her earliest childhood memories was of her parents entertaining missionaries. She graduated from Bob Jones Academy in 1975 and Bob Jones University in 1979.

The Landons have served in Shetland, Dalkeith and Edinburgh. Their current mission work includes church and nursing home services, children and ladies' ministries, visitation, and tract distribution. In 2014 the church plant celebrated 20 years of Gospel outreach in NW Edinburgh.

Praise the Lord for those who are willing to travel a distance to attend, for students who have come through the work and are now serving in other countries, and for those who faithfully attended until they went to heaven.

Many do not accept the Gospel, but there are many opportunities to give it out. Much of the mission work is making contacts, befriending people, meeting up for coffee, and letting one's light shine!

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