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Don and Ruthie Harris

Status: On the Field

Location: South America
Field: Argentina
Ministry: Church Planting

Church Planters needed in Argentina
Dates: July 11, 2023
Type of Opportunity: Career

7 cities, 44 small towns and “postas,” 
1 small fundamental church
Where are YOU?

Argentina is known for its soccer, especially after winning the 2022 World Cup with its captain, Messi! It has also long been known for its beef and agriculture, along with being a society that is a melting pot based on a European background. But what about all the people who have no relationship with the Savior?

Fifty years ago the Lord led my father to this South American country, which had fewer churches per capita than any other country in South America. Thirty-two years later the Lord brought me back to the city of Tandil with my family.

Located in the southern part of the province of Buenos Aires lies Tandil, a bicentennial city of approximately 140,000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by large farmlands and open countryside filled with estancias, which are ranches for cattle. Tandil is roughly 240 miles from the capital city of Buenos Aires. The closest American missionaries are a five-hour drive away.

Several years ago I took a map and drew two circles around Tandil. The first circle encompasses 15 towns and small country “postas” (usually a little general store for the surrounding estancias) within 50 kilometers (31 miles) of Tandil. The second circle includes an additional 6 cities and 29 small towns and “postas” within 100 kilometers (62 miles) of Tandil. So, including Tandil, there are 7 cities and 44 small towns or “postas” within a two-hour drive. That represents a lot of souls! There are no fundamental works that I know of in these places except for Tandil, where we live. Unfortunately, many are being reached by various other sects.

The Lord also took us to the city of Mar del Plata (lower right corner of map) to help in a church where there was no pastor. My dad started this church, and the pastor who replaced him has left. So, every two weeks we travel 180 kilometers to assist in that work. The Lord has us ministering in two churches in two different cities. It is exhausting but thrilling at the same time! We are where the Lord has called us, and there is no greater joy than to be in the center of His will!

The 7 cities and 44 small towns or “postas”:

Azucena, Barker, Cacique, Cangallo, De la Canal, Engaña, Fulton, Gardey, Iraola, La Constancia, La Pastora, Lopez, María Ignacia, Napaleofú, Pablo Acosta, Ayacucho, Azul, Balcarce, Benito Juárez, Lobería, Rauch, Tandil, Alzaga, Bosch, Chapaleofú, Chillar, Claraz, Colonia Nieves, Colonia  San Miguel, Coronel R. Bunge, Dos Naciones, El Lenguaraz, El Moro, Fair, Juan N. Fernandez, Lazzarino, Langueyú, Las  Nutrias, Licenciado Matienzo, Los Pinos, Martin Fierro, Miranda, Nieves, Parish, Ramos Otero, San José, San Manuel, Shaw, Solanet, Vicente Pereda, 16 de Julio

The task is enormous, even overwhelming to think about! The laborers are few. So pray. May the Lord of the harvest continue to raise up laborers. There is plenty of room to serve in Argentina. Are you serving where the Lord has sent you? Where are you?

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