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Phil and Mila Kamibayashiyama

Status: On the Field
Location: Asia
Field: Philippines
Ministry: Church Planting, Formal Bible Training

Homeschool teacher
Dates: June 01, 2018 - March 30, 2019
Type of Opportunity: Short-Term

Seeking teacher for a combined homeschool with 9 children (Bachorik, Berrey, Kamibayashiyama families). Someone who likes science and can either oversee or teach science classes, especially at the junior and senior high levels, would be especially helpful. The moms and one other teacher (Jeanne Raymond) will share the teaching load. 

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Church planters needed in the Philippines
Dates: June 08, 2016
Type of Opportunity: Career

The Philippines is becoming a sending nation, but culturally-sensitive church planters are still needed to plant new churches and to salvage and strengthen small or dying churches that lack a pastor. Both ministries would result in churches that are models to BJMBC graduates and other pastors and would provide the next generation of students for BJMBC. 

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