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Ruth Potter

Status: On the Field
Location: Asia
Field: Philippines
Ministry: Formal Bible Training



Ruth Potter was raised in a Christian home and understood her need for a Savior at a very young age. At God's leading, she studied church music in college and earned a bachelors and masters in that field. She has seen God work to call and direct her to many opportunities for service even since the time she was saved.
She has served for two years on the mission field of Hungary and for a summer on a vacation Bible school team. She has also served in a number of church ministries wherever God has placed her but has specifically enjoyed church music ministry.
The Lord led her to accept an invitation in 2008 to go to the Philippines as a substitute piano teacher for Bob Jones Memorial Bible College. BJMBC offers courses in Bible and God-honoring music for laymen and pastors. She returned to the Philippines for four years as a teacher, under short-term missionary status. Gradually, it became more clear that she should pursue a long term position on that field, and she is now on deputation to return.
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