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Reinhard Mutzke

Status: Senior Missionary

Location: Europe
Field: Germany



Reinhard Mutzke was born and raised in a Christian family in the eastern part of Germany and lived twelve years under the Communist regime before moving to West Germany in 1957. There he found the assurance of his salvation, graduated from engineering college, and began working in the aircraft industry. During that time he also met his future wife, Mary-Jeanne, in Munich. She is from the French-speaking part of Switzerland and teaches French and German.

In 1968 the Boeing Aircraft Company brought Reinhard and his young family to the United States. After he worked in Seattle, Washington, for a few years, the Lord called them into Christian service; they moved so Reinhard could attend Bible college. Shortly before his graduation, the Lord showed them through their children the value and importance of Christian schools with a Bible-centered education. Though they could find many Christian schools throughout the US, they could not think of a single one in Germany. The Mutzkes became excited about starting Christian schools in Germany. Recognizing the need for a professional background in this field, the family moved to Greenville, South Carolina, where the Lord directed Reinhard to get an M.S. in educational administration from BJU. In his thesis he investigated the "Government Regulations and the Potential for Fundamental Schools in West Germany."

After a year of deputation, the Mutzkes left for Germany. The Lord brought them to Heidelberg, where they started a church from "scratch." Knowing the language and culture is a tremendous help in reaching the Germans. The church first met in a basement and later in rented classrooms of a public school. Eventually they were able to purchase their own facilities. The Lord also enabled them to start a Christian school after they waited and prayed for several years. The spiritual ground is very hard in Germany, and things progress accordingly; however, the Lord is building a solid church and is changing lives in a marvelous way. The Mutzkes are thankful for those they have been able to teach and send out to start churches in other parts of Germany.

The Lord took Mary-Jeanne home to be with Him in June of 2021. Roughly a month later, Reinhard joined his wife in glory. 

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