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Jennifer Pearson

Status: On the Field

Location: Oceania
Field: Papua New Guinea
Ministry: Children's Ministries, Ladies' & Children's Ministries, Medical Missions Assisting Church Planting


Jennifer was born into a Christian home, the second of four children. Her mother's older sister, a single missionary to Japan, was the heroine of the family. Through the years Jennifer was growing up, her family would occasionally invite a missionary-often a single lady-into their home for a meal. Jennifer always wanted to be a single missionary when she grew up, and she is grateful to the Lord for putting that dream in her heart and then fulfilling it, to the praise of His glorious grace!

Jennifer graduated from the nursing program at Bob Jones University in 1990 and later received a master's degree in nursing from the University of Kentucky in 1993. After serving as a nurse practitioner for three years in Pickens, South Carolina, Jennifer felt the Lord's call into medical missions in Micronesia.

She was accepted by GFA in 1996 and in 1998 arrived in the Marshall Islands, where she served with the Utters and Fishers for three years. During her first furlough, she was reassigned to Papua New Guinea to serve in the Highlands with the Berbin family as well as other single missionaries. From 2002 until 2017 Jennifer served in the clinic there, as well as training and supervising Sunday school teachers and nursery workers.  Other duties included the translation of hymns and songs from English into Melanesian Pigin, as well as other ministry materials.  In 2017 Jennifer moved to the village of Ukarumpa in the Eastern Highlands province.  Jennifer is currently teaching ladies’ Bible studies in two locations to women who have never had exposure to this kind of teaching.  Jennifer has also been asked by the local government hospital to work in a volunteer partnership to help restructure management and retrain the medical staff.  This has opened numerous doors for ministry by forging positive relationships among the health care community in the town of Kainantu (about a 20 min drive from Ukarumpa).  Jennifer is also teaching Sunday school classes for the young people in two churches in the area (alternating Sundays), as well as helping to train one lady to teach Sunday school in a 3rd church.  The work of translating hymns and spiritual songs continues with the help of several local pastors.  Jennifer is also holding a children’s Bible club in the town of Kainantu once a month.

Read Jennifer's blog at fellowservant.net.

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