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Jeremy and Caroline Dion

Status: Furlough

Location: Oceania
Field: Papua New Guinea
Ministry: Church Planting



Jeremy and Caroline were both blessed to grow up hearing the Gospel and were saved before their teenage years. As they trained at Bob Jones University, Jeremy as a missions major and Caroline as a nurse, their hearts were increasingly burdened for missionary service in a rural, third world country. In 2009 while preparing for his summer internship in Papua New Guinea with the Randy Smith family, Jeremy met Caroline, who had served at a medical clinic with Jennifer Pearson in PNG the summer before.

They were married in the summer of 2011 and both graduated from BJ Seminary in 2013. In the fall of that year, Jeremy had the opportunity to return to PNG for a survey trip in preparation for beginning career service with his family. He had opportunities to preach, go on a bush mission trip with national believers, minister musically, help with hands-on projects, and observe the Bible school ministry. Through this trip the Lord gave both Jeremy and Caroline confirmation and a fresh vision for church planting work in PNG.

They are excited to be able to work in Kiari alongside Jeff and Elizabeth Owens and Karen Hall. Jeremy will be heavily involved in helping to train the nationals through the Bible school as well as provide a support role in preaching, music, evangelism, and manual projects. Caroline will minister to the ladies and children through Sunday school, special classes, and other church ministries.  Isobel Hope joined the Dion's family in May of 2014, William Fraser joined their family in February 2016, and Priscilla Anne became part of their family in July 2018. Hudson was born in October 2020.

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