Gospel Fellowship Association Missions
by Darcy Anderson

The Adventure of Teaching Missionary Kids


June of 2018 found me traveling to Manila, Philippines, to teach several missionaries’ children. I was not an adventurous person, and I’m still not an adventurous person. But during my last years of university, the Lord began to work on my heart to be willing to follow wherever He directed even if it was out of my comfort zone. The two years following my graduation as a secondary education major would change me in ways I could not imagine.


Those two years introduced me to the thrilling world of missions. Though I spent most of my time with the missionary children, I discovered that serving as a homeschool teacher was an excellent place to grow accustomed to missionary life. Within the safety net of an established missionary group, I was able to experience both the joys and challenges of life in a completely different world and to participate in the ministry of the Gospel.


Those two years also taught me that no task is insignificant, especially on the mission field. As I was daily thanked for my time spent teaching the missionaries’ children, I began to realize just how vital an assisting hand is to the spread of God’s Word. My gift for teaching gave the missionary couples more freedom to concentrate on other areas of their ministry. And I learned quickly that any little help was, in the long run, a huge help.


Those two years taught me that God always directs. As I returned to the US in March of 2020 with plans changed entirely due to COVID-19, I had no fear for what would come next. Sure, I didn’t know how all the little details would fall into place, but those two years in the Philippines taught me to trust God completely; and sure enough, He has continued to look after my needs and open new doors of ministry.