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Tracy and Debbi Minnick

Status: On the Field

Location: Oceania
Field: Australia
Ministry: Church Planting



Tracy and Debbi Minnick have been ministering in Australia since 1985. Tracy grew up in a pastor's home and lived in both Kansas and Pennsylvania. Debbi was born in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. They met at Bob Jones University where Tracy graduated in 1979 and Debbi in 1980. They were married in August 1982. The Lord has given them four children--David, Andrew, Daniel and Sarah.

In 1985 they planted a church in Cardwell, Queensland. Cardwell is a small coastal town, but through their ministry a stable church has been established. They are thankful for the 25-30 faithful folk that attend the services each week.

For the first 12 years of their ministry in Cardwell, the church met in the local public school. However, in 1997 the church was able to purchase a one-acre piece of property located on the main highway at the edge of town. Over the next 18 months the church folk generously gave to a church building fund, and in June of 2000 the church was able to complete construction on a new church building (and move into it debt free).

In 2001, Tracy and fellow missionary, Wally Jaworski, began publishing Wellsprings, a quarterly pastor's publication. The publication is designed to encourage pastors in their personal lives and ministry and is sent to most fundamental pastors in Australia.

In 2002, the Minnicks' church added to the Wellpsrings ministry when it began sending out a mail-order book catalogue from which pastors can purchase books for ministry purposes. Tracy and Debbi are thankful for the opportunity to further the Lord's work in Australia.

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