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Joys and Challenges of My Missionary Service

Do we see ministry as a sacrifice dominated by challenges, obstacles, and setbacks, or is ministry a joyful privilege? In this roundtable, missionaries Frank DiBagno (Italy), Ellen Doyle (Cameroon), Bill Knipe (South Africa), and Sid Messer (Ecuador) share personal testimonies of the joys and the challenges of their missionary service.

God gives missionaries great joys—seeing people come to Christ, lives transformed, Christ building His church, financial provision for His work, new believers taking the Gospel to others, partnerships and friendships in the Gospel, and children involved in ministry. But there are challenges too—people not grasping the simplicity of the Gospel, close friends refusing Jesus Christ, physical weakness, care for the church, sleepless nights, physical dangers, converts turning away from the Lord, demonic opposition, and the need to administer church discipline.

Joy is possible in the challenges because of Jesus Christ. Panelists share how God has strengthened them when the challenges seem to overtake the joys and the difficulties of ministry wear on the spirit. This roundtable stirs us to continue serving Christ and motivates us to look for the ways He wants to use us for His glory.