Gospel Fellowship Association Missions

Interim Pastor

The GFA Interim Pastor Ministry is a program utilizing pastors who are at the age where they are ready to step away from the burdens of the senior pastorate but still have a great deal of ministry left in them. This ministry is intended to provide a service to churches that are between pastors and would like experienced pastoral stability during the time they are seeking God’s choice for their next pastor. The interim pastor is more than simply a pulpit supply. He functions in a pastoral capacity but should not be considered as a pastoral candidate by the church.


  • Clear testimony of being born again.
  • Dedication, self-sacrifice, and adaptability to changing circumstances.
  • Agreement with the doctrinal statement of GFA. 
  • Membership in a conservative, independent, Bible-believing church. 
  • A true zeal for winning lost souls.
  • Mature believer with well-established personal testimony.
  • Pastoral recommendation. 
  • Senior pastor ministry and leadership experience.
  • Current membership in Bible-believing church.
  • Good physical, mental, and emotional health for you and your wife. 


  • The cost varies with the location but typically the local church will provide housing and a small salary.
  • The interim pastor will usually need supplemental income such as Social Security or retirement income to cover the bulk of the everyday costs.
  • The local church is asked to help with travel expenses to and from its ministry location. 

Next Step

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in serving as an interim pastor under GFA, contact GFA concerning our present opportunities.