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Local Churches and GFA

Biblical Pattern

Organized mission boards as we know them today are not found in Scripture. However, the valuable role that service providers play as partners in the ministry of a missionary is mentioned several times in the New Testament (see Acts 20:4-5, 1 Corinthians 16:3-4, and 2 Corinthians 8:18-22). GFA strives to be one of these helpers in ministry as it assists local churches and missionaries with the many logistical details and practical burdens of ministry in foreign countries.

Missionaries Come From Local Churches

Missionaries come from local churches. This is the biblical pattern. GFA understands that a person's ministry experience in the local church setting is vital preparation for future labors in planting and assisting churches on the field. Bible colleges and mission agencies have their place, but a vibrant local church is the essential training ground for a missionary. Therefore, we look to local churches to provide laborers for the harvest. We work closely with the home pastor throughout the process of getting the missionary to the field and then handling matters that need counsel. We consider it a privilege to partner with these churches who are sending missionaries as extensions of their ministries. 

Strong at Home Means Strong Abroad

For missions to be strong abroad, GFA realizes that churches must be strong at home. With the American church facing many challenges, in 2017 we began focusing more attention on ways to come alongside churches to strengthen them. GFA loves the local church and desires to edify it.

Since churches in transition are vulnerable, we have developed several resources to help. GFA interim pastors can provide pulpit supply and guide a church through its search for the next pastor. The GFA church staffing website connects men looking for a pastoral ministry with churches in need of a pastor. Marshall Fant, who led a struggling church of 12 people to become a healthy church today, is trained as a church consultant. He hosts RE: CHURCH, GFA’s bi-weekly podcast and is passionate about seeing churches become vibrant churches that know how to reach and disciple new believers.

Each of GFA’s executive and regional directors have church planting experience on the foreign field and are available to speak at missions conferences, Sunday services, and other special events at your church. They desire to encourage a fresh focus on fulfilling the Great Commission. They provide biblical counsel to individuals and churches seeking God’s will regarding missionary service.