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Advancing the Gospel Through Medical & Dental Care

Medical Missions

Medical missions provides a unique and tangible way to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to people who have great physical needs. A common result of this medical outreach is God opening hearts to the Gospel as people are introduced to the Great Physician and their greater spiritual need.

At GFA, our medical missions program is focused on evangelism. We use medicine and dentistry to bring spiritually needy people in contact with the Gospel.Medical_dentistry_for_website.jpg

Medical missions opens doors! During these days when there is such a need for gospel infiltration into restricted access nations—particularly in the 10/40 window—GFA Missions is pursuing ministry and additional opportunities in this spiritually needy part of the world through medical missions. We are actively seeking strategic partnerships with missionaries and local pastors to further develop this ministry.  

Dr. Jack and Jennifer Mitchell coordinate this program. Typical trips are two weeks and include both medical and dental personnel. They are looking for like-minded Christian healthcare workers from all medical professions. Contact Dr. Jack for more information.

Future Medical Mission Teams:

  • Zambia: July 12–27, 2024 (applications no longer being accepted) 
  • Mexico: November 7–16, 2024 (applications accepted through August 31)
  • RAN: January 23–February 10, 2025 (applications accepted through October 31)
  • RAN: February 6–24, 2025 (applications accepted through October 31)
  • Zambia: May 16–31, 2025 (applications accepted through February 28)
  • Zambia: July 11–26, 2025 (applications accepted through April 30)
It has been said that without the Gospel it isn’t missions. Our priority is evangelism first, medicine second.
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