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Articles for Church Leaders

Church Staffing

Informed Christian leaders share a common urgent concern now in the twenty-first century: there are plainly not enough younger pastors, missionaries, and evangelists to replace the aging, graying, retiring, and dying generation of Christian leaders. The following articles are practical resources to help address this need.

The Coming Shortage of Christian Leaders: Facing the Facts, Finding the Way

Searching for a Pastor

A Portrait of a Pastor's Qualifications

The Pastoral Search

Practical Ethics in the Search Process

God Places Pastors

Serving as a Second Man

Evaluating Prospective Pastoral Candidates

Church Planting and Revitalization

A Biblical View of Church Revitalization

Finishing Well: Closing a Church with Integrity and Hope

Preparing to Plant a Church

Why Start a New Church

Church Planting Timetable

Pastoral Transitions

Is It Time to Change Ministries?

Writing a Ministry Resume

Transition Tips for Retiring Pastors

The Incredible Ministry of the Interim Pastor

Transitioning a Church to a New Pastor

Effective Senior Pastor Transitions

Mentoring Men for Ministry


Book Recommendations for Churches and Candidates

Before You Move: A Guide to Making Transitions in the Ministry, John Cionca
Particularly helpful for prospective candidates, though churches will also find it beneficial. Published by Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, 2004, now out of print but can be found online. This is a revised and expanded edition of the previously published title Red Light, Green Light: Discerning the Time for a Change in Ministry, 1994.

In Search of God’s Man: A Help for Pulpit Committees, Douglas E. Devore
142-page guide published in 2002 by Bob Jones University Press in Greenville , SC.

Search: The Pastoral Search Committee Handbook, William Vanderbloemen
This short book lays out the pastoral search process clearly and offers many helpful ideas. Nashville: B & H Publishing Group, 2016. 

The Right Pastor: Seeking God’s Man for Your Church, Wesley E. Johnson
112-page workbook filled with helpful advice, charts, and sample forms. Published by Regular Baptist Press.

Church Law and Tax Store. You will find helpful resources regarding church staff compensation, church finance and administration, and legal issues.

Resources for Churches and Church Planting  The website of Baptist Mid-Missions School of Church Planting has extensive helpful resources for independent Baptist churches. Please note the article on church mergers near the bottom of the list.