Gospel Fellowship Association Missions
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Planting and Strengthening

Local Churches

The Lord Jesus Christ has promised us that He will build His church agLocalChurches_Ordination2017.jpgainst all opposition and obstacles (Matthew 16:18). This unstoppable process occurs as missionaries evangelize and disciple the believers (Matthew 28:19-20). Those who have been truly converted desire to know the Word, to learn to think and act biblically, and to gather with others of like precious faith. GFA missionaries may employ various aspects of ministry to complement the establishing of local churches, but the end goal must always be indigenous baptistic assemblies led by national pastors and responsible for carrying on the work of the Great Commission. 

USA Church Plants

In the late 1980s, a Bible-preaching church closed its doors and sold its property. After paying off its debts, the assets were donated to GFA, and the church-planting endowment was established. Today over 30 Bible-preaching churches have been founded. GFA assists church planters through its three-year Church Planting program. GFA teams up with supporting local churches to help the church planter get started. We offer consultation services by experienced church planters, personal visits, regular accountability, and financial assistance. We are looking for godly, mature, disciplined, and entrepreneurial self-starters who preferably have some pastoral experience as well as a seminary degree.