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Interim Pastor Ministry

Most churches struggle through pastoral transitions, while some fail altogether. Observing this phenomenon, GFA began its Interim Pastor Ministry to utilize godly pastors and their wives who have retired from the full-time pastorate but are willing to help temporarily with churches in transition. These experienced men serve in a pastoral capacity, not merely pulpit supply, and stay approximately 6 to 12 months. The church is expected to provide for the basic needs of the interim but never to consider him as a candidate. This ministry is intended to provide a service to churches that are between pastors and would like experienced pastoral stability during the time they are seeking God’s choice for their next pastor. Contact Marshall Fant at GFA if your church is interested in getting an interim pastor.

FAQs about the Interim Pastor Ministry 

Current Interim Pastors



A church in transition is a church in need of stability.  That’s why the GFA interim-pastor program is so valuable. The interim assumes the responsibilities of the pastor in teaching and preaching (which relieves the church from seeking for pulpit supply for possibly six months or longer), running the day-to-day operations, and shepherding the local flock.  It is essential that one leader takes care of the daily needs of the ministry so that the pulpit committee and the congregation can focus on prayerfully seeking their new pastor.

For us, the most important part of the program was the network the interim brought to the table.  Because of his previous experience in the ministry, he personally knew pastors, evangelists, and Christian schools and organizations.  This became an enormous help to the pulpit committee, as the interim was able to locate new candidates and find out additional information on candidates the pulpit committee was considering.  Through his capable leadership and guidance, we saw the Lord provide our new pastor six months after our interim arrived.  We thank the Lord for giving us this man to help us in our time of need, and we highly recommend this program to any church in transition.


On August 2, 2014, the Lord called missionary pastor Tim Sneeden home to Glory, leaving Metro Baptist Church in San Diego without a shepherd. GFA and the churches in the area were able to fill the pulpit and assist the church during those first few critical weeks.  After pastoring for 35 years and having recently retired, it was my desire to help churches in times of crisis on an interim basis.  When contacted about the church's needs, my wife and I loaded up the car and headed from our home in Michigan to San Diego.  We thank the Lord daily for how He has worked in the church, and in February 2015, the church voted to call their new pastor.


In April 2015 our pastor resigned, and we were left with the prospect of either closing our doors or attempting to locate a new pastor. Our savings account was dwindling, and our offerings were not even covering our expenses. At that point, several individuals recommended one of GFA’s interim pastors. Dr. Privett was contacted, the various aspects of the program were discussed, and a GFA interim-pastor couple was commissioned to minister at our church in Southern California.

The day after his arrival, the GFA interim pastor was in the pulpit. His knowledge of Scripture, messages, and spiritual insight were exactly what the saints at our church needed. He demonstrated excellent counseling skills in every area of need in the church and was appreciated by all.

One of the responsibilities of the GFA interim pastor is to assist the church in finding a new pastor, a position for which the interim pastor cannot be considered.  The GFA interim pastor, through diligent searching and divine appointment, was able to secure a new pastor for our church, a godly man that had to leave his previous pulpit for health reasons in the northeast of the United States. Since moving to Southern California, he had been seeking to find a church in need of a pastor or to lead a group of believers in a church plant. Under his leadership the congregation has now been growing.

Thank you, Gospel Fellowship Association, for assisting our church to continue as a body of believers ministering to the saints and unsaved in Southern California. 


A good interim pastor does more than simply “fill the pulpit.” Our GFA Pastor in the Interim brought with him many years of previous pastoral experience, training, and skills. He quickly sized up the congregation and situations that we were facing, diagnosed the challenges, and provided us with practical solutions. His leadership provided stability to the flock by helping us with the grieving process,  accepting the upcoming changes, leading worship, counseling, and visiting the sick.

During the pastoral selection process, as part of the pulpit committee, he provided valuable wisdom and contacts to help us find our current Under Shepherd. Additionally, he led and prepared this ministry for the arrival of the new pastor. He was just what the Lord knew we needed during this transition time in our church to help us move forward. 


After having served as a church planter and senior pastor of three different churches from 1965-2007, it has now been my privilege to serve as interim pastor at four different churches. Many churches need an interim to “keep the ship afloat.” Satan is a master at bringing disunity and confusion to a church without a pastor. The interim pastor brings years of Biblical training and pastoral experience to the church during the time between senior pastors. People need the stability of a seasoned, experienced “man of God” at the helm of the church.


It is with a humble heart that the deacons would like to extend our thankfulness and appreciation for the Interim Pastor Program at GFA. Your prayerful concern was a blessing, and you helped us by sending a pastor during the interim. GFA also assisted the pulpit committee in making a smooth installation of our new pastor.

Jeremiah 3:15 "And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding."

This verse has been vital for our church to understand God's promise that He will provide His undershepherd to lead his people. We were honored to have GFA representatives with us for the installation service of our new pastor.  We would also like to extend a special thank you to the interim pastor and his wife for their dedication to this calling of God. They were a blessing and an encouragement to each of us. This journey will never be forgotten!