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Missions Burdens from Believers Around the World

Seven panelists from five different continents inform us about their area of the world and the progress of the Gospel there, share their vision for missions in their area, and then give advice to someone burdened to go to one of those places as a foreign missionary to carry out the Great Commission. Panelists are Joel Dayrit (Philippines), Matias Espinel (Uruguay), Michael Miller (Canada), Ping Ngian (Singapore), Richard Sadaka (Lebanon), Timothy Seidu (Ghana), and Nils and Sarah Tarras-Wahlberg (Denmark).

Joel Dayrit, a Filipino, is planting Emmanuel Christian Bible Baptist Church 80 km north of Metro Manila. He also serves as the executive director of a newly formed mission board, Gospel Baptist Missions, helping Bob Jones Memorial Bible College graduates go to the mission field. Matias Espinel was born in Uruguay and serves at a Bible college and in church ministries. Michael Miller, now a Canadian citizen, moved to Canada over 16 years ago to pastor Foundation Baptist Church in Calgary, Alberta. GFA missionary Bud Talbert planted this church. Michael also serves as an adjunct faculty member at Foundation Baptist College in Edmonton. Ping Ngian grew up in Singapore and has pastored Grace Independent Baptist Church since 2007. Richard Sadaka from Lebanon has pastored First Baptist Bible Church in Beirut for 20 years. Timothy Seidu was born in Ghana and is involved in church planting, pastoring a church, directing a Bible college, teaching in the Bible college, and leading a Christian school. Nils and Sarah Tarras-Wahlberg live in Denmark, where they are part of a small national church. Nils grew up in Sweden but has lived in Denmark for 17 years. He married Sarah, an American who became burdened for Denmark while serving as a GFA short-term missionary to Scotland.

This roundtable helps us obey Christ’s instruction in John 4:35 to “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” Let the privilege of hearing about some of the dark places in our world stir you to pray more faithfully and fervently that the Lord of the harvest would send more people into the harvest for His name’s sake.