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None Can Ever Ask Too Much

Laura Berrey
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When my husband and I got married, we were both coming off the field after short-term missionary work. We had a goal: spend one year in the States, getting settled into marriage and life together while Tim taught at a Bible college; be active in our local church; and then begin deputation.

That goal was pushed back when our first anniversary came and we had no clear leading from God that we were to begin deputation. While talking about this one day, I proposed that we pray about doing some more short-term mission trips. As a Bible college professor, Tim had summers that were largely free, and we could use that time for the Lord’s work overseas.

We had barely begun praying about this when the Lord dropped the first summer trip into our laps. Three people, within the space of a very short time, mentioned a specific need in Cambodia and told us we should pray about it. Everything fell into place, and we spent that summer in Cambodia. The next summer we were in Ireland and South Africa. During those years, Tim also taught block courses in a small Bible college in Ukraine. God provided the funds for each of these trips in ways we couldn’t foresee, and though there was never much extra, there was always enough. For example, during our ministry in South Africa, a few churches took an offering for our mission trip. When Tim added up all the funds we were given and all our expenses, he discovered that God had given us about seven dollars more than we spent that summer.

We were barely back from South Africa when the Lord opened the door for us to return to the Philippines. The need was urgent for us to be there by the following August, but we wouldn’t be able to start part-time deputation until Christmas. How could the Lord possibly provide our support in such a short time?

We spent much time in prayer during the next few months, and the Lord slowly began building our faith. One night, we were at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina, when Pastor Mark Minnick shared a song that answered the deep cry of our hearts: “Thou art coming to a King; large petitions with thee bring. For His grace and power are such, none can ever ask too much.” It was a crucial moment for us, and the words of that song bolstered us the rest of our deputation months, giving us faith to ask our King for much.

And our King provided! In December, just after our announcement, a church in Georgia took us on for support even before we were officially accepted as missionaries by GFA. Our first bits of support came in as a trickle, but as the months wore on, more came in—sometimes in miraculous ways. Twice a pastor of a church we had never heard of called to see if they could support us. Our answer was a joyful yes! Once, a church invited us to come share our ministry, but with the caveat that they could not support us. However, before we left that day, a couple in that service personally chose to support us, and before long, the church they normally attended also took us on for support.

When we left for the Philippines in August, after four months of part-time deputation and three months of full-time deputation, we had a little more than half of our support, but we weren’t worried about any financial needs we might face. We had a King we could go to. He had already supplied much, and He would continue to provide.

Throughout that first year in the Philippines, our support kept rising slowly. In addition, there were several one-time gifts that came in, meeting needs on the spot. We quickly learned that when God sent a little bit extra, it was for a specific need we would have that month. One month it was a large bill from the Philippines Immigration Office; another month it may have been an extra travel expense. All was provided for by our all-powerful King. We never lacked.

When the school year was over, we returned to the States for a few more months of deputation and to complete some of the preparations we hadn’t had time to finish in the rush to get to the field. Within a few months we were back in the Philippines with one hundred percent of our support. God, our great King, had provided all that we had asked.

Deputation can appear overwhelming with all its responsibilities, but one of the best things about deputation is watching your King answer the large petitions that you bring.