Gospel Fellowship Association Missions
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GFA and Local Churches

Missionaries come from local churches. GFA understands that  a person's ministry experience in the local church setting is vital preparation for his or her future labors in planting and assisting churches on the field. Churches are the ones discipling and training missionaries for future service. Therefore we look to local churches to provide laborers for the harvest and work closely with the home pastor throughout the process of getting the missionary to the field and then handling matters that need counsel. We consider it a privilege to partner with and serve churches, who are sending missionaries as extensions of their ministries. 

Serving Churches

GFA produces two publications on a regular basis to keep churches and individuals supplied with missions-related information. The Sowing & Reaping magazine is published twice a year and highlights fields, opportunities, prayer, ministry snapshots, and resources. The Dividend is published weekly highlighting requests in the following areas: home office, strengthening our base, world awareness, laborers, and missionary care.  

By providing accountability, GFA also serves churches. We make sure your money is going where you intended it to go! We receive monthly reports from our missionaries and can assure you that the missionaries you support are properly cared for and are doing the job for which they were sent to the field. 

We uphold a high level of financial stewardship and ethics. Support levels are based on current and projected living and ministry costs for each field, and GFA will supply to supporters current missionary support information whenever it is requested. 

Professional Resources

GFA loves the local church and desires to edify it. Our directors have pastored local churches in the USA and/or the foreign field. We offer missions conferences, revival weeks, local church conferences, and messages for various needs of your church. We provide Biblical counsel and consultation to individuals and churches seeking God’s wisdom in the area of missions.