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Consider Your Musicians: A Musician's Perspective

Monday, January 11, 2021 | Guest: Eirik and Brigette Shevy |

How important is music to your worship? Are you wanting to quickly get to the main attraction—the message? A pastor's attitude toward service music makes a big difference in the quality of music a church gets. Listen as Marshall Fant interviews two musicians, Eirik and Brigette Shevy, about this topic in Episode 61 of RE:CHURCH. Eirik Shevy serves as music pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in Rock Hill, SC. Brigette, his wife, also plays a key role with her expertise as a pianist, composer, and harpist.

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About the host

Dr. Marshall Fant


Dr. Marshall Fant leads the Church Consulting and Revitalization Program at GFA, which is a special outreach ministry to assist healthy churches with strategic planning and revitalize struggling ones. As a certified church consultant, he is available to work with churches on leadership, disciple-making, financial, and facility challenges. Dr. Fant has 21 years of pastoral experience. He and his wife Gretchen replanted Harvest Baptist Church in Rock Hill, SC, in 1996, and saw it grow from an average attendance of 12 to 260 people. Marshall and Gretchen Fant have been married since 1981. They have five grown children and ten grandchildren.