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What Should I Expect on The Mission Field?

If you have not been to the mission field, it’s sometimes hard to imagine what life will be like there. Life there will likely be different in these ways:

  1. The culture will be different. How people think, their customs, and their behavior in many ways will not be what you are accustomed to.
  2. The language may be different. Even if you go to an English-speaking field, you will often find major differences. 
  3. The religions may be different from what you have known.  For example, are you familiar with Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, or Shintoism?
  4. The church situation will be very different. There may be no biblical church where you are going. That is why you go!
  5. The climate may be very different. You may be used to cold and snow in the winter, but God may send you to a place where the leaves do not change colors and the temperature is the same year round.
  6. The people may be very different. You may be tall and light-skinned, but the people may be short and dark-skinned. 
  7. The food may be different. It is unlikely that you will go to a place that has a meat-and-potatoes diet. Many places have fresh food more locally available than is typically found in the States.
  8. Your coworkers will be different. Your coworkers may be nationals or they may be missionaries that you would hardly have known had you remained in the States.

Though many things will be different, you can expect that God will give you joy and grace to fulfill his call.

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