Short-Term :: Gospel Fellowship Association Missions


The short-term missionary program provides opportunity for the placement of temporary volunteers with career missionaries to accomplish specific ministry goals within a limited period of time. Short-term missionaries assist with home schooling, teaching at a Bible institute or seminary, camps, medical evangelism, computer work, office work, church music programs, etc. Short-term assignments last up to two years.


  • Clear testimony of being born again.
  • Dedication, self-sacrifice, and adaptability to changing circumstances.
  • Agreement with the doctrinal statement of GFA.
  • Membership in a conservative, independent, Bible-believing church. 
  • A true zeal for winning lost souls.
  • Pastoral recommendation.
  • Relevant experience to the ministry to be performed on the field.
  • Generally good health.
  • Complete undergraduate and/or graduate education. 

Benefits of Working Through GFA

  • Because of GFA's excellent reputation, identification with the mission aids in raising support.
  • Our home office staff issues tax-deductible receipts for gifts and transmits funds to the field.
  • The leadership provides guidance and accountability.
  • GFA evaluates each applicant to ascertain whether he is suited for the assignment in which he is interested, thus deterring the heartaches that come from an undesirable situation.


  • The cost varies with the field but will include airfare, passport, visa fees, insurance, immunizations, stipend to cover room and board, and transportation.
  • The short-termer will be responsible to raise the support through his local church, friends, and family. 

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