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Gospel Fellowship Association began a tentmaking program to direct committed Christian professionals to work and ministry on foreign fields. The mission of the tentmaker is to support, encourage, be an example, and help develop a Gospel ministry through evangelim, Bible studies, and in some cases formal Bible teaching. The tentmaker will, in some cases, help pioneer the Gospel ministry in creative access nations. 


  • Clear testimony of being born again.
  • Membership in a conservative, independent, Bible-believing church.
  • Dedication, self-sacrifice, and adaptability to changing circumstances.
  • Agreement with the doctrinal statement of GFA. 
  • A true zeal for winning lost souls evidenced in part by current involvement in ministry of a local church.
  • Mature believer with well-established personal testimony.
  • Relevant training and vocational skills for the work and ministry to be performed on the field.
  • Pastoral recommendation regarding fitness for the proposed ministry.
  • Generally good health.


  • The tentmaker will usually earn much of his income from his work.
  • In some cases he will also raise additional support to provide adequately for his needs. 

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