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Paul and Susan Stevenson

Status: Interim Pastor

Location: North America
Field: United States



Paul and Susan Stevenson have had the wonderful privilege of serving the Lord together in full-time ministry since 1977, during which time Paul has had the opportunity to serve as pastor of three different churches in Pennsylvania. Following the first pastorate, the Lord directed them to France for a few years (1995-1997) to assist in training men for ministry and church planting. Although this was a challenging time for them, it was also filled with many blessings. Presently, two of their grown children and their respective families continue to serve as missionaries to this needy field.

In August of 2018, after 10 years in the third pastorate in Pennsylvania, Paul retired. Shortly after that, the Stevensons pursued interim pastor work and began partnering with GFA. They have served as the interim pastor in a couple of different churches and consider it a joy to be involved in God’s glorious program, the local church!