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Marie Monsen

Marie Monsen, a Norwegian, was a young, single lady missionary who had an unusual ministry in China.  She arrived there on September 1, 1901. Following the Boxer Rebellion, there was a great deal of unrest during which many missionaries were martyred. 

A fall soon after Marie's arrival left her unconscious with a very severe concussion for a number of days. This was soon followed by bouts of malaria that the physicians thought would be fatal, but God spared her for 31 years of fruitful service.

Her close fellowship with the Lord through prayer and Bible study provided Marie with an uncanny sense that the Lord was directing her, speaking very clearly in words that seemed almost audible. Marie Monsen's lifestyle matched her words. She was fearless, traveling thousands of miles through bandit-infested territory to share the Gospel and to show great faith, love, and courage wherever she went. 

Today, Marie Monsen is fondly remembered as the mother of the house church.  Would to God that we today would take the promises of God as literally as did Marie Monsen.


JAD  4/24/02