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Louann Abraham

Status: Senior Missionary

Location: North America
Field: South Carolina



Joseph and Louann Abraham joined GFA in 1987. They steadfastly served the Lord as missionaries in England for a quarter century. 

Joseph grew up in Cairo, Egypt. As a young man, he attended an evangelistic meeting where a visiting U.S. pastor spoke, and Joseph accepted Christ as his Savior. Shortly afterward he headed to America and found a solid Bible-preaching church. Joseph grew under this ministry and knew God was calling him to go to the mission field. In 1981 he went to Bible Institute of Ohio to train for the ministry. 

Louann was raised in an unsaved home and never attended church as a child. When she was eleven, some friends invited her to church. She went, heard the Gospel clearly preached, and came under conviction. She fought this conviction for a little over a year, but one Sunday she finally surrendered and received Christ. Louann knew early on that God had called her to the mission field, and she attended college with the intention of preparing for that call. 

The Abrahams arrived in Slough, England in 1989. They dove right into ministry with fellow GFA missionaries, Bob and Mary Rutledge, evangelizing door-to-door, and handing out as many tracts as possible. Visitors began coming to church as a direct result of the outreach efforts. Bob Rutledge and Joseph shared the preaching responsibilities. Additionally, the Abrahams taught Sunday school classes for teenagers and discipled new believers. 

After several years in Slough, the Lord led Joseph to pastor a church in Birmingham. Here too the Abrahams began faithfully going door-to-door sharing the Gospel with all who would listen. Joseph preached in numerous open-air services along with some other Christian men. The Abrahams also held weekly Bible studies with topics designed to correct many of the misconceptions of biblical Christianity. 

During their retirement years, they are back in the United States.

April 14, 2021, Joseph went home to be with his Lord.