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Kevin and Carol Matthia

Status: On the Field

Location: Europe
Field: Germany
Ministry: Camp Ministry, Church Planting



Kevin and Carol both grew up on the mission field--Kevin in Germany and Carol in Hong Kong. After graduating from Bob Jones University, they married in July 1985. The Lord called them to serve in Germany together with Kevin's brother-in-law and sister (GFA missionaries Brad and Krischa McKenzie), and they went to the field together in 1992. They worked for two years in Kevin's dad's church (retired GFA missionary Jürgen Matthia) in Tübingen.

In 1994 the Lord led them and the McKenzies to start a church in the former communist area of East Germany, in the city of Magdeburg. The church has grown and recently moved into a new building. Kevin has also directed camps and retreats since they arrived in Germany. In 1996 they held their first summer camp at the campground of GFA missionary Martin Valcarcel in Besalu, Spain. They have used this campground every summer since then. They also hold winter camps in the Swiss Alps as well as youth and young adult retreats in Germany. Kevin often has opportunities to preach and hold evangelistic meetings in churches around Germany.

In December 2008, the Lord provided a direct answer to prayer by giving the camp organization a campground within Germany. The Matthias moved to Camp Impact in May 2010 and have been holding work camps and working on plans and necessary permissions. Believers from churches around Germany are helping with physical labor and giving to the camp ministry. The Matthias are also helping the Kings in their church-planting ministry in the nearby town of Gotha. The Matthias have seven children--four boys and three girls.

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