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Bill and Susan Kieffer

Status: Senior Missionary

Location: South America
Field: Brazil
Ministry: Camp Ministry, Church Planting


Bill and Susan have been serving as missionaries in Brazil for over 40 years. Both are from Southern California. Susan graduated from BJU in 1971 and Bill in 1976. Since 1978, the Kieffers have been involved in learning the language and culture as well as in the establishing of local churches in the cities of Ituiutaba, Catalão, and Aragurai. They turned over churches in Araguari and Catalão to Brazilian pastors and have started another church in Catalão. 

Along with the church planting activities, Bill and Susan are busy developing the Hope Ranch Ministries. This is a camping ministry that seeks to win the lost and strengthen the believer in conjunction with the local church. At the present time Hope Ranch hosts over 7 retreats each year. As the months go by, demand for more retreats increases.

Hope Ranch is located in the rolling hills of Central Brazil and has been blessed with many of the natural wonders that aid in being a great place for a camp. During the few years that Bill and Susan have worked in the camp, the meeting and dining hall has been built. It has a capacity to seat over 200 people. The boys' dorm that can sleep 120 people has also been built. The girls' dorm has the same capacity.

The need of the hour is dedicated people to work in ministries such as planting new fundamental churches, discipleship, working in the Hope Ranch Ministries, seeking to win young people in the universities of the area.

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