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Melody Pilcher

Status: Senior Missionary

Location: North America
Field: Arizona



Melody Pilcher has served the Lord among Hispanics for over 45 years.

She was saved at the age of 15 when some high school friends invited her to attend youth activities with them at a Bible-preaching church. Throughout the year she attended multiple services and activities. One night, one of her friends persistently asked her why she had not accepted the gift of salvation. Melody realized her need of a Savior and readily received Him into her heart.   

In 1971, the Lord allowed Melody to go on one of Dr. Dreisbach’s medical mission teams. The team spent the summer busily seeing patients at Mount Horeb Bible Institute in Mexico. At the end of the summer, Melody felt burdened to return to the institute. She seized opportunities to learn Spanish and hone her nursing skills.

In 1975, Melody joined GFA as a missionary to Mexico. After attending language school in Texas, Melody began serving at her beloved Mount Horeb Bible Institute near Tamazunchale, Mexico. At the institute, Melody taught ladies’ classes. She also aided in the children’s ministry of the local church. In 1983, she moved to the Institute Practico Ebenezer in Hermosillo, Mexico, where she discipled and taught ladies. Following her time in Hermosillo, the Lord called Melody to several different locations. She spent a decade ministering in Baja, California, and seven years in Monterrey, Mexico, before crossing the border yet another time to assist a church in Phoenix, Arizona.

Melody actively continues to minister through her church in Phoenix. The church is located in the heart of a heavily Hispanic part of the city. Melody teaches several Sunday school classes for children in Spanish. She also enjoys serving in the yearly VBS program.