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Jeanne Raymond

Status: Senior Missionary

Location: North America
Field: Pennsylvania



Jeanne Raymond has had a lifetime burden for teaching. For 10 years she taught in Christians schools in the US. Seeing a need to come alongside missionary families by educating their children, she applied as a missionary to GFA.

Jeanne spent her first 2 terms working closely with the Potts family in Quezon City. In May 1998 she moved to Paranaque, a suburb of Manila, where she helped Gary and Edie Jones begin Lighthouse Christian Academy. She also taught a college and career girls Sunday school class at Lighthouse Bible Believers' Church, went on visitation and held Bible clubs. During this time she continued teaching English class at Bob Jones Memorial Bible College in Quezon City.

Following furlough, Jeanne moved back to Quezon City to teach missionary children, an English class at BJMBC and a single ladies' Sunday school class at Gospel Light Baptist Church.

Though she has been involved in many facets of ministry during her years in the Philippines, Jeanne's burden of teaching the next generation to love God and to be well-equipped to serve Him remains the same.

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