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Randy and Bonnie Studdard

Status: Senior Missionary

Location: North America
Field: South Carolina



Randall decided to accept God’s salvation plan in Jesus Christ when he was 15. Bonnie heard for the first time and believed at the age of 9. They both knew God’s plan for them was the ministry and, fortunately, the foreign mission field. 

Bonnie started as a single missionary nurse to Suriname, South America, in 1976. Randall started his career by getting his Master of Divinity at BJU, graduating in1989 with five children and a tree cutting business. They joined GFA in 1990, and God’s appointment for them was a primitive, pioneer work in the extreme north of Cameroon. They stayed in Cameroon for 18 years. It was glorious.

For 18 years they had loved Muslims. They were not ready to leave that calling, but the Lord led them to Eurasia to continue working with the people they loved. They worked there for six years. They met so many amazing people and had countless opportunities to share the Truth.  

They served Bradford, England from 2020-2022. Now they are relocated in Greenville, SC seeking to serve on short-term trips as they can.