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Joel and Sarah Arnold

Status: On the Field

Location: North America
Field: Canada
Ministry: Formal Bible Training, Assisting Pastors and Church-Planters



Joel and Sarah Arnold were blessed to grow up in godly homes and attend Bob Jones University for college and graduate school. After Joel completed a Ph.D. in theology from BJU in 2011, the couple began serving at Bob Jones Memorial Bible College in the Philippines.

Their ministry in the Philippines included three areas: (1) teaching at BJMBC in Quezon City; (2) church planting in partnership with national men; and (3) delivering instruction to short-term classes across the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Joel also provided theological education for men across the world through internet classes at ACACS.education.

During COVID-19 lockdowns, education in Manila remained exclusively online. Joel maintained his teaching load at BJMBC first while taking a furlough, and then from Edmonton, Alberta, when the Lord redirected the Arnolds to help Bud and Debbie Talbert at Foundation Baptist College in January 2022.

They originally went to Canada to meet a need temporarily, but as they prayed, Joel and Sarah became more and more convinced that the Lord was leading them to stay in Canada to focus on building up and expanding the ministry of Foundation Baptist College.

God has already helped the Arnolds forge a relationship with Maranatha Baptist University that will make earning accredited degrees possible in Edmonton. What a blessing it is to think about God’s establishment of sound Bible colleges for the training of men and women for the ministry!

The Arnolds have enjoyed the abundant counseling and discipleship opportunities available at Lighthouse Baptist Church and are blessed to serve with their four children, Jeremy, Zachary, Caroline, and Joy. 

You can read ministry updates at Everytribeandtongue.com. Joel regularly writes thoughts about life and ministry at JoelArnold.com.

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