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Andrew and Meagan Minnick

Status: Deputation

Location: Asia
Field: Philippines
Ministry: Formal Bible Training



Andrew grew up on the mission field of Australia in the home of GFA missionaries Tracy and Debbi Minnick. During high school he had many opportunities to preach and minister in the Minnicks’ local church plant. The Lord used those ministry opportunities to impress on Andrew a calling to gospel ministry, and Andrew surrendered to that call when he was 16. He came to Bob Jones University in 2007 and completed a BA in Bible, an MA in Bible, and a PhD in biblical and systematic theology. During those years, Andrew served as the president of Mission Prayer Band, as BJU School of Religion faculty, and as Director of Academics and Enrollment at BJU Seminary. While serving in these roles, Andrew heard the story of many churches worldwide with pastors needing to retire but unable to find a younger man to take their place. This repeated story, together with opportunity to teach ministerial students at BJU, formed in Andrew and Meagan’s hearts a burden for the ministry of training the leaders of tomorrow’s church on the mission field.

Meagan grew up in a pastor’s home in Aberdeen, SD. At BJU, she served on the Mission Prayer Band council and completed a BS in music education and an MEd in elementary education. She and Andrew met at BJU and were married a year into their master’s programs in 2012. Meagan is devoted to her role raising their children: Seth (2014), Micaiah (2016), Levi (2019), Alli (2021), and Markus (2023). She homeschools the older children and has also served at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, SC, as the president of the Ladies’ Missionary Prayer Group. Andrew and Meagan have also served in Mount Calvary’s neighborhood Bible clubs, door-to-door evangelism, A/V ministry, children’s church, and both children’s and adult Sunday school. They completed four years of Mount Calvary’s Undershepherds-in-Training internship. Andrew also had the privilege to teach for a semester in 2023 at Foundation Baptist College in Edmonton, Alberta.   

In 2010 Andrew traveled through Southeast Asia and spent some time at Bob Jones Memorial Bible College in Manila, Philippines. The Minnicks spent the 2024 spring semester teaching at BJMBC with an eye to returning as career missionaries.

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