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Joel and Sarah Arnold

Status: On the Field

Location: North America
Field: Canada
Ministry: Formal Bible Training, Assisting Pastors and Church-Planters

Internship in Canada, Earning College Credit
Dates: March 14, 2023
Type of Opportunity: SIP

In 2007 I was an intern at a Bible college in Zambia, South Africa, staying in the dorms and taking classes together with the students. That summer changed my life. The love I gained for cross-cultural education never faded, taking me back to Zambia, to the Philippines for eight years, and directing me to teach classes in four other countries over those years.

I want that same experience for you also. What if you could spend your first year of college in Edmonton, Alberta, earning college credits at less than half the price of American schools—only $150 / credit hour? These credits could then be transferred to Maranatha Baptist University towards a fully accredited college degree. 

But that’s not the exciting part. More importantly, you would be immersed in cross-cultural ministry. Edmonton is home to 300,000 people of Indian, Filipino, and Chinese descent, along with many Middle Eastern, African, and Latino groups. Taken together, about half of the population is non-European, and many of these are foreign-born and bi-lingual. Your daily life would bring exposure to the languages, cultures, and religions of the world. Not only would you take classes on missions, Bible study, Christian living and more, but you would also visit a mosque, a Sikh temple, and first-nation communities, and experience the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of a Canadian city.

I can’t say everything you might experience or learn. Adventures are unpredictable like that. There would be many surprises. But I am confident of one thing—you will not return home the same!

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