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David and Naomi Minnick

Status: On the Field

Location: Oceania
Field: Australia
Ministry: Church Planting, Formal Bible Training

Join a Church-planting Team in Brisbane, Australia
Dates: May 10, 2023
Type of Opportunity: Career

It’s not hard to see God’s heartbeat throughout Scripture. From His covenant with Abraham to “bless all the families of the earth” to the eschatological choir of Revelation 5 with every tribe and tongue, God’s heartbeat is that the nations be glad in Him (Psalm 67:4)! God’s plan stretches back beyond my arrival in this world. It will continue beyond the boundaries of my short lifespan. That’s what makes living in Brisbane feel like living in the center of God’s work of redemption. Our suburban community here in Brisbane is over 50% immigrant, and they come from every continent. All tribes and tongues are here. They coexist, but there is no self-sacrificing unity because they are consumed with finding joy in themselves. The Cross crucifies self-centered hedonism. It enables self-sacrifice. So, preaching “Christ and Him crucified”—the New Covenant—is how God creates a body that exists in unity and love, not just for God, but for each other. Do you want to participate in that? Do you want to see God’s eschatological people of every tribe and tongue taking shape now? Then, come to Brisbane! Come and help us! In time, Christ’s Church here will be a slice of heaven on earth. 

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