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Forrest and Jennifer McPhail

Status: On the Field

Location: Asia
Field: Cambodia
Ministry: Church Planting

Seeking church planters and Bible teachers
Dates: June 20, 2022
Type of Opportunity: Career

The biggest need in Cambodia is for long-term church-planting missionaries and those burdened for training pastors and church leaders through local small groups, as opposed to the institutional model.

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Internship in Cambodia
Dates: May 01 - July 01, 2024
Type of Opportunity: SIP

Opportunity to learn from Forrest and Jennifer McPhail in Cambodia. A young man would shadow Forrest everywhere possible in ministry, see other missionary ministries, and take part in reciprocal ministry with Cambodians. The focus would be church planting, cross-cultural understanding, and thinking through how theology affects our practice. The McPhails are also willing to host a young lady who would shadow Jennifer. Typical duration of 45 weeks.

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