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Field: Africa

Church Planters Needed in South Africa
Dates: September 26, 2023
Type of Opportunity: Career

While many South Africans claim to be “Christians,” few know the great hope and true deliverance found in the Gospel. This summer, I had the privilege to visit several works the Lord has raised up through both missionary and national endeavors in the Cape Town area. While it was a blessing to see the Lord’s work in these ministries, I could not escape the fact that the “harvest truly is plenteous” and the need for more church planters throughout Cape Town is great.

In visiting the established works, I saw and heard several needs these churches have as they seek to fulfill God’s command to make and teach disciples. Due to cultural and nominal “Christian” influences, there is a great need for training and mentoring young people to be biblically grounded and spiritually deep believers. The opportunities for Christian education are rare, making it a challenge for Christian young people to grow up with a biblical worldview. Ministries to young people from unsaved families experience an even greater struggle with helping the young people make godly choices. Mentors are desperately needed to make a difference in the next generation.

Another area of need is church music instruction and education. Many churches desire help and training in the basics of church music but lack opportunities and resources to gain that training.

Would you prayerfully consider if the Lord would call you to help fulfill the Great Commission in South Africa?

By Melody Steinbart, SIP Intern

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South Africa: Addictions Ministry
Dates: May 14, 2021
Type of Opportunity: Career

The older I get, and the more years I serve in South Africa in a city ministry, I become increasingly aware of the need for an addictions program. Almost every family I meet in our city has someone who is dealing with a drug or alcohol problem. This need represents a potential ministry opportunity for someone willing to establish a Christ-centered, evangelistic rehabilitation center. Some helps and programs do exist in South Africa, but we understand that only Jesus can truly redeem and transform. Psychology and “steps” are not sufficient; the Gospel must be front and center. The world is going to experience more and more of these ministry opportunities as our society continues spitting out more depressed people looking for an answer to all the evil inside and outside of them. Does this need stir your heart? Perhaps the Lord would use you to help South Africans enslaved by addictions to find salvation and freedom in Christ!

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by Bill Knipe

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