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Norma Fox

Status: Senior Missionary

Location: North America
Field: North Carolina



In 1979, Mervin and Norma Fox, along with their three young children, packed up their belongings and headed off to an archipelago of volcanic islands off the coast of Portugal—the Azores. This decisive moment marked the beginning of their 23-year ministry abroad, sharing the good news of salvation to those groping in darkness.

Roughly a decade earlier, in 1967, Mervin and Norma had themselves been groping in this same spiritual darkness. Their lives were deeply rooted in sin, and their marriage was close to failure. In an effort to salvage their relationship, they called their parents, who were fine Christians. The parents set up a meeting for the Foxes with the pastor of the church. After hearing the pastor explain several Scripture passages, Mervin and Norma both knelt and received Christ as their Savior.  

The couple began attending a fundamental Baptist church in Georgetown, Illinois. They began to grow in the Lord and became actively involved in church ministry. A few years after joining the church, Mervin began to feel the Lord calling him into full-time ministry. After exhausting his excuses, Mervin told Norma that they were going to have to sell their house and move down to South Carolina to attend Bob Jones University for more Bible training. Once Mervin finished with his schooling, and they had gathered enough financial support, the Foxes were ready to go. On June 26, 1979, they were on their way to the Azore Islands, where they spent the next two decades church planting. 

In 2002, the Foxes officially retired. After their return to the U.S., Mervin and Norma pivoted from Portuguese to Spanish ministry. The Foxes were able to use their extensive experience in soul-winning and church planting to help establish two Spanish speaking churches – first in Virginia and then in Charlotte, North Carolina.

On January 26, 2021, Mervin Fox went home to be with his Lord.