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Walter and Carol Loescher

Status: On the Field

Location: Europe
Field: France
Ministry: Church Planting, Formal Bible Training, Medical Missions Assisting Church Planting



Walter and Carol Loescher's first contact with GFA missionaries came as they were students at Clemson University and were attending University Baptist Church. Through the encouragement of Pastor Will Senn, Walter began his studies at Bob Jones University and finished with a Ph.D in theology in 1992. Carol felt called to medical missions in her youth and completed her medical studies at the Medical University of South Carolina. She completed her residency in Charlotte, NC, in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

After going to Cameroon with Dr. Dreisbach on a Project Compassion Team, and teaching a block course at the Cameroon Biblical Seminary, the Lord led the Loeschers to Cameroon. Following language study at Laval University in Quebec, they began their ministry in Cameroon at the seminary located just outside of Yaoundé. Walter taught in the seminary while Carol helped to establish a medical clinic.

In 2002, the Lord led the Loeschers to begin a ministry in a largely Muslim town named Foumban. With the help of the Wrights, Ellen Doyle, Barillas, and the Mossmans they have established assemblies in Foumban, Nkoumban, Bangourain, and Mawuen.

Carol ministered with Ellen Doyle in mobile medical outreaches in various  villages. Walter also taught men in their Bible Institute.

After praying and much counsel, the Lord has directed the Loeschers to Algrange, France. Walter is involved in both teaching and administrating the French Pastoral Bible Institute. 

They are also involved with church planting and serve at Église Baptiste de Luxembourg, a French speaking church in Luxembourg where Walter is the pastor. Additionally, Carol makes regularly scheduled trips into West Africa, namely, Benin and Togo, to help with medical works. Occasionally, Walter is able to participate in these opportunities, and he teaches in Bible institutes affiliated with the medical clinics/hospital.

The Loeschers have five children, Mary Margaret, Carolyn, Elizabeth and Tim, Eddie, and Lydia. Walter enjoys playing soccer, and Carol enjoys anything outdoors, especially jogging and hiking.

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