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Josh and Natalie Perkins

Status: On the Field

Location: Oceania
Field: Papua New Guinea
Ministry: Church Planting



Josh became convinced of the realities of heaven, hell, God, and his own sinfulness as a small child. He responded to an invitation at church where he asked Jesus to save him from his sin. Around the age of 8, he was baptized and God started softening his heart to want to serve Him full time in ministry in the future. In his teen years, he wholly surrendered his life for God to use in any way He saw fit.

Natalie's parents moved to Brazil when she was 3 years old, and they have served faithfully as missionaries until the present. When she was 8 years old she trusted in the LORD Jesus to forgive her from her sins and to save her from eternal death. God changed her from a fearful child to a joy-filled child. Time and time again, He has worked submission in her heart to serve Him with her life.

God has been directing both Josh and Natalie towards career missions since their youth.  In 7th grade, Josh started corresponding with Michael Berbin, a missionary in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea. He often talked about his need for an aviation service to survive, and God used Josh’s love for aviation to spark an interest. God then began equipping them to go to PNG. Josh grew up around hard manual labor and was very involved in his home church. Natalie had experience on the mission field with her parents. Josh received a degree in Missionary Aviation from Bob Jones University, and Natalie also graduated from Bob Jones University and received a degree in Women’s Ministries. Since college, Josh has worked in both construction and aircraft maintenance. In 2016, they completed a 3-year ministry training program at their home church, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, where they were also involved in neighborhood Bible clubs, visitation, and teaching adult Sunday schools.

In 2017, the Perkins family served for a year assisting veteran missionary Michael Berbin in Aibai, PNG. God gave many confirmations that this was the place He intended for them.

Even after the newness and novelty had worn off toward the end of their time, it was obvious God had been preparing them for life and ministry in PNG. This was one of the most fulfilling years of their lives as a family, and they are excited to return. They desire to be tools in His hands to reach the lost in PNG along with their children, Melody, Kay Marie, Michael, Joy, and Harmony. 

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