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Gary and Edie Jones

Status: Senior Missionary

Location: North America
Field: South Carolina



Preparing for missionary work and serving God in the Philippines have been Gary and Edie Jones's life since they were married. The Lord used traveling on summer missions teams to the Philippines to confirm for both of them His call on their lives. Shortly afterward, He led them together, and they were married.  They  served the Lord together in Metro Manila for 33 years.

After arriving in the Philippines, Gary started Lighthouse Baptist Church in 1981. As the church grew, they purchased land and then constructed a building. In 1991 Gary turned over the leadership of the church to a Filipino pastor. 

Seeing a need for a church in their immediate neighborhood, Gary and Edie subsequently began Lighthouse Bible Believer's Church. The church has grown, purchased land, built facilities, trained leaders and sent out three men as church planters in various parts of the main island of Luzon. To meet the educational needs of Filipino church members, the Joneses began Lighthouse Bible Believer's Christian Academy in 1995. Its goal is to produce Luke 2:52 young people.

Gary and Edie returned to Greenville, SC, on February 8, 2018, to begin new ministries as GFA senior missionaries. Since then they have been blessed to help in three ministries that the Lord has graciously opened upon their arrival back in the U.S.

In their home church, Trinity Bible Church, they were given the privilege of heading up the Young At Heart ministry. They organize the activities for senior saints every other month. It has been such a blessing for them to get to know many of the wonderful senior men and women of TBC.

Another ministry that they are involved in is helping at Faith Ministry in Greenville. The ministry is led by Keith and Becky Ekberg, and it is a Bible correspondence ministry that sends out Bible lessons by mail or online all throughout the world. More than 1,000 students are enrolled. It has been so encouraging to read letters from the students who have made professions of faith through the study of God's Word. Around 75-80% are inmates from different prisons in America. Every week new students from America, Africa, Asia and many parts of Europe enroll with the goal of gaining more knowledge about the Bible. As a result, many have made professions of faith.

A third exciting ministry that the Joneses are involved in is translating and dubbing Christian films into Tagalog. They have finished The Son of the Sea and recently brought the finished DVDs to the Philippines to distribute to pastors and missionaries to use in their churches and ministries. They have started working on the second film entitled Rosa. They are so happy that they can still minister to Filipinos through this film ministry. It is truly a blessing and an awesome privilege to continue to serve their wonderful Savior.  

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