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David and Naomi Minnick

Status: On the Field

Location: Oceania
Field: Australia
Ministry: Church Planting, Formal Bible Training


David was born in Ingham, Australia, to missionary parents, Tracy and Debbi Minnick (GFA). He was saved at the age of 5 and was active in his parents' ministry in Australia until coming to the US for college. Having sensed a desire to preach as a young teen, David pursued ministerial training at Bob Jones University and completed his Ph.D. in theological studies in 2017. Throughout his time at BJU (2005-2017), David was privileged to work for the Dean of Men's office on campus, serve as Mission Prayer Band president, and has been actively involved in a wide variety of ministries at Mount Calvary Baptist Church.

Naomi was born in Toulouse, France, to missionary parents, but her family returned to the US when she was just 2 years old. The Lord broke through her proud heart and mercifully called her to Himself in salvation at the age of 12. Since that time she has been actively involved in numerous ministries at Mount Calvary Baptist Church. During her undergraduate and graduate studies in Women's Ministries and Elementary Education at Bob Jones University (2004-2010), she served in her society as chaplain, and she was also an officer in Mission Prayer Band (where she especially enjoyed serving under David's leadership). Primarily through the missions-minded culture of her family upbringing, she has always felt the Lord leading her into missions and has spent time serving in Ukraine, Siberia, Zambia, and Australia. After her time in Australia in 2008, Naomi felt fairly confident that the Lord would have her to return there for full-time service.

David and Naomi met at church but saw each other most often as they served on Mission Prayer Band council together. The Lord brought them together in marriage in 2010 and has since blessed them with five children: Caleb, Ethan, Eliana, Titus, and Hudson.

They desire to advance God's kingdom in Australia through church planting and training the next generation of Australian leaders for the work of the ministry.