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Daniel and Jennifer Arnold

Status: On the Field

Location: Europe
Field: Germany
Ministry: Church Planting, Formal Bible Training


Daniel and Jennifer Arnold are missionaries in Germany. Daniel and Jennifer both had the privilege of growing up in godly Christian homes. Daniel was raised in Greenville, SC and felt the Lord's call to German missions during his college training at Bob Jones University. Jennifer was raised near Milwaukee, WI and felt called to full‑time Christian service in seventh grade.

Daniel and Jennifer met at Bob Jones University and were introduced to Germany through traveling on the Musical Mission Team. Daniel also took a summer‑long survey trip to Germany visiting various missionaries and taking part in their ministries.

After they were married in 2003, Daniel finished a master of divinity degree at Bob Jones University Seminary while Jennifer taught elementary school music. The Lord allowed them to take a survey trip together in Germany in 2005. The following year, in June, 2006, the Lord blessed them with a son, Caleb John. Lucy Mae was born two years later in June 2008, Phillip Daniel was born in June 2013, and Silas Judson born in 2015.

Daniel and Jennifer arrived in Germany in January 2011 and assisted the Browns in a church plant in Nuremberg. Then they moved to Neunkirchen, and in January 2014 they began Bible studies in their home. After a year the Lord brought together a group of believers and provided a building in Eckental for the planting of Freie Baptisten-Gemeinde Eckental.

 A group of forty to sixty people meet for weekly services and the church also hosts the weekly classes of the Theological Training Center. That Bible Training Center provides Biblical instruction for adults who attend like-minded churches all over Bavaria. 

 A major goal is to train German men for the ministry and the leading of German churches.

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