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Doug and Barbara Threlfall

Status: Senior Missionary

Location: North America
Field: South Carolina



Doug and Barbara began ministering to Koreans in1980. Doug was reared in a pastor's home and Barbara on the mission field, first in Japan and then in Korea, where her parents served with GFA. Like both sets of parents before them, Doug and Barbara also met at Bob Jones University. They graduated and were married in 1977. Called to missions but uncertain of the specific field to which the Lord was directing them, they served on a short-term basis with Barbara's parents in South Korea, where Doug taught for one year at Bob Jones Memorial Institute (BJMI). The Lord used that year to clearly direct them to ministry there. Along with Korean co-laborers and other missionaries, Doug has continued to teach at BJMI, training future Christian workers and men for ministry. Many of these men were ordained and have planted churches throughout Korea and other places throughout the world. 

During an eight-year period, due to visa problems, the Lord shut the door to Korea. Four of those eight years, the Lord opened a door to reach Koreans in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Partnering with another missionary couple, the Threlfalls saw the Lord bring together an assembly of Korean believers under the leadership of a Korean pastor. Then the Lord reopened the door to Korea.

In addition to BJMI, the Lord raised up two other associated ministries: Seoul Bible Church (SBC) and Seoul Christian School.

Founded by Barbara’s brother and his wife, Ken and Rhonda Johnson, also with GFA, Seoul Christian School (SCS) is an English-language-based school ministering to grades one through twelve. Administration of the school was transferred to fellow GFA missionaries Jonathan and Deborah Bright when the Johnsons retired in 2018. Seoul Bible Church (SBC) is a body of believers that reaches both English and non-English speaking Koreans, U.S. military personnel, the foreign business community, and American and Canadian English teachers in the Seoul area. Additionally, many of the SCS teachers are members of SBC. Doug pastored SBC as well as taught at BJMI. Barbara had the opportunity to teach children and ladies classes and counsel and mentor women. 

Doug and Barbara have five adult children, all of whom are married and have given them fifteen grandchildren. The Threlfalls praise the Lord for His faithfulness in guiding them, for the opportunity to be used as a vessel in His hand, and the privilege be a part of GFA.

In August of 2023, the Threlfalls transitioned back to the USA to serve as Senior Missionaries with GFA. Doug is now serving part-time as director of Faith Ministries, a correspondence course and tract ministry his father-in-law began. 

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